Date Details Issuing Office
2024-02-26 Limited tender for food arrangement. Comptroller SKNAU, JOBNER
2024-02-26 Quotation for seed cum fertilizer drill for Mustard KVK, Navgaon, Alwar
2024-02-26 E BID for Labour Supply at SKNAU Jobner Comptroller SKNAU Jobner
2024-02-26 Quotation for income tax and GST work Comptroller SKNAU Jobner
2024-02-24 Quotation for hiring tractor COA Lalsot
2024-02-24 Technical Chart for tractor hiring COA Lalsot
2024-02-24 Comparison Chart for Labour and Food Supply KVK Dausa
2024-02-24 Limited tender for Photocopier machine ARS Navgaon
2024-02-23 Open tender for Labour Supply COA Kotputli
2024-02-23 Cancellation order for two Inverters at SKN Jobner SKN college, Jobner
2024-02-23 Quotation for Tall Tabular lead Battery SKN college, Jobner
2024-02-21 Open tender for Field Articles at RARI Durgapura RARI Durgapura
2024-02-21 Quotation for day old chicks of WLH SKN college, Jobner
2024-02-21 Limited tender for booklet and practical manual DEAN, SKNCOA, JOBNER
2024-02-20 Limited tender for Food arrangement SKN college, Jobner
2024-02-20 Technical Comparison Chart for Labour COA Kumher Bharatpur
2024-02-19 NIT 20-2023-24 Estate Office SKNAU Jobner
2024-02-19 Supply and installation of different equipment under RKVY 35 at SKNCOA Jobner SKN college, Jobner
2024-02-19 Limited tender for Inverters SKN college, Jobner
2024-02-19 Limited tender for Paint Work RARI Durgapura
2024-02-19 Limited tender for Glass Partition work RARI Durgapura
2024-02-19 Limited tender for wooden penelling RARI Durgapura
2024-02-19 Short term tender notice for Electric Work SKN college, Jobner
2024-02-17 Limited tender for Canteen Operations SKN college, Jobner`
2024-02-17 Financial Comparison Chart for Loom, Khejri SKN college, Jobner
2024-02-17 Quotation for Non woven Carpet 3MM/4MM SKN college, Jobner
2024-02-15 Limited tender for Repairing water Tank RARI Durgapura
2024-02-15 Limited tender for Care Take of Hi-Tech Nursury RARI Durgapura
2024-02-15 Limited tender for Care Take of IFS Module RARI Durgapura
2024-02-14 Comperion chart for Khejari Loom and Jowar/ Bajra College of Dairy Science & Technology Jobner
2024-02-13 Limited tender for Laptop ARS Navgaon, Alwar
2024-02-13 Quotation for Sprinkler set ARS Fatehpur
2024-02-12 Short term tender for construction of composting yard ARS Navgaon
2024-02-08 Technical Chart for E- bid for Labour Supply at RARI Durgapura RARI Durgapura Jaipur
2024-02-08 Auction Information regarding Cut Grain at ARSS Kumher Bharatpur ARSS Kumher, Bharatpur
2024-02-08 Limited tender for hiring Tractor thresher ARSS Kumher, Bharatpur
2024-02-07 Limited tender notice for Bardana ARSS Tabiji, Ajmer
2024-02-07 Notice Inviting Quotation for Hiring Tractor COA, Lalsot
2024-02-06 Open tenedr for Labour supply at COA Lalsot COA, Lalsot
2024-02-06 Open tender for Underline Pipe Line ARS, Fatehpur, Sikar
2024-02-05 Quotation information regarding camera and accessories COA, Fatehpur, Sikar
2024-02-05 Quotation of Breakfast and lunch for NSS activities of SKNCOA, Jobner DEAN, SKNCOA, JOBNER
2024-02-03 Limited tender notice for AMC of Water purifier COA, FATEHPUR, SIKAR
2024-02-03 Quotation information regarding repair and welding work at ARS Fatehpur ARS, Fatehpur, Sikar
2024-02-02 Open tender for purchasing of Khejari Loom and Bajra Kutti DEAN, SKNCOA, JOBNER
2024-02-02 Quotation for Online15 KVS UPS with a buyback old UPS option. DEAN, SKNCOA, JOBNER
2024-01-29 Open tender for Labour Supply at COA Bharatpur COA, KUMHER, BHARATPUR
2023-07-05 Work order for share basis farming COA,Lalsot
2023-07-05 Comparison Chart for share basis farming at KVK Dausa KVK Dausa