SKN College of Agri-Business Management, Jobner


Dr. Amar Chand Shivran

Ph.D., IARI, New Delhi


Dean, SKNCABM, Jobner

SKN Agriculture University, Jobner


Mob: 09414517546


Born on 02.09.1970 and obtained B. Sc. (Ag) degree with 4th Merit of University and M. Sc. (Ag) with 4.00/4.00 OGPA, University merit scholarship and gold medal from SKRAU, Bikaner. Awarded Ph. D. degree with 4.00/4.00 OGPA from IARI, Pusa, New Delhi with SRF in 1999 and qualified NET in 1994 & 1995. Joined SKRAU, Bikaner as Assistant Professor in 1996 having 26 years service experience with more than 10 years as Professor. During service served as teacher, researcher and administrator.

Awarded with fellow of The Indian Society of Seed Spices, Ajmer, The Indian Society of Agronomy, IARI, New Delhi and Indian Society of Spices, Calicut, Kerala. Awarded for 6 best research paper. The All Indian Coordinated Research Project on Spices, SKNAU, Jobner awarded best center during 2015-16 and 2023-24. Awarded on 68th Republic Day January 26, 2017 and 75th Independence Day August 15, 2021 by Honble Vice Chancellor of SKNAU, Jobner for outstanding work. Awarded Best Teacher Award by Hindustan Agricultural Research Welfare Society, Agra on the occasion of Teachers Day 5th September, 2021. Life member of many Agricultural Research Societies and worked as Councilor of Indian Society of Agronomy, IARI, New Delhi, Executive member of The Indian Society of Seed Spices, NRCSS, Ajmer and Zonal Councilor of Indian Society for Spices, Kerala.

Involved in teaching B. Sc. (Ag), M. Sc. (Ag) and Ph. D. courses from last 26 years and guided 26 M. Sc. (Ag) and 4 Ph. D. students as major advisor and minor advisor of about 100 students. Handled 3 research projects on isabgol, agro forestry and micro-irrigation as Principal Investigator. Developed 16 technological recommendations on crop production at state and national level and coordinated in development of 7 seed spices varieties and 5 recommendations on plant protection.

Involved in organization of more than 20 seminar, conference, workshop, short course, training etc. as organizing secretary or member of organizing committee. Attended about more than 50 workshop, conference, training etc.

Published more than 120 research papers in national and international journals, more than 115 papers in symposia/congress/workshop and many popular articles, books, chapter in books, practical manuals, leaflets, pamphlet, training manuals etc.

Performed the duties of legal officer for more than 5 years, Nodal Officer LITES, Deputy Director, Directorate of PME, water harvesting, Head of Department of Agronomy, Head of University Dairy Management Unit, Dean, College of Dairy Science and Technology, OSD and Public Relation Officer of  SKNAU, Jobner. The remarkable contribution has been made in each and every unit of assigned duties by the administration of university.

Presently also bearing the responsibility of Head of Department of Agronomy and Agronomist in AICRP on Spices, SKNCOA, Jobner.

Details of former deans:

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Dr. A.K. Gupta (Prof. Agronomy)




Dr. B.K. Sharma (Prof. Ag. Statistics)




Dr. A.K. Gupta (Prof. Agronomy)




Dr. A.R.K. Pathan (Prof. Soil Science)




Dr A. C. Shivran (Prof. Agronomy)



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 Dr. Jitendra Singh



Plant Pathology




Sh. Anil Kumar Mata


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 Smt. Sarwani Devi


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About B.Sc. Ag & MBA (Agri-business) – Integrated Degree Programme

B.Sc. (Agriculture) & MBA (Agri-business) – Integrated Degree Programme, it will be a five year full time residential integrated post graduate programme (equivalent to Master’s degree in Management) is designed to grooms young men and women into professional managers for core areas of   agribusiness and allied sectors. The programme aims at providing a comprehensive coverage incorporating the foundation, functional and elective courses relevant to management discipline, in general, and agribusiness management, in particular. This will be helpful for providing quality education in agri-business management to our rural youths for providing opportunities of jobs in agricultural management in coming years and transforming agriculture from its subsistence nature to nature.

The programme specially attempts:

To impart systematic knowledge and analytical skills in agriculture and agriculture management for global agriculture economy.

To expose the students to real field situations to nurture the capabilities of setting standards of eminence in their managerial life.

To equip the students to required interpersonal skills for solving the practical problems and complexities of the field of agri. business.

To develop entrepreneurial and leadership professional with a view to managing agri-business and agro-based enterprises with strong business orientation.

The programme aims at fulfilling the requirements of each student for enabling him/her to persue a set of courses suiting to his/her career.  A holistic approach is adopted in structuring the requirements of the programme.  It consists of a package of the compulsory and elective courses in the field of agribusiness management along with the industrial attachment including project work as per the need of the day MBA ( 


To establish a reputed, self-sufficient, job oriented, innovative and eco-friendly college consistent with the current change scenario of national agricultural Policy.


To provide professional expertise to the corporate sector in terms of qualified well-trained, motivated and committed manpower.

To generate managerial skills for self employment.

To provide training, research and consultancy to achieve managerial excellence in Agriculture as well as Agribusiness Management.

The mission of college of Agriculture cum Agri-business Management will be of help to agriculture and agri-based industrial sector in developing core competence by way of creating a team of qualified, well trained, motivated and committed professional agri-managers equipped with modern management theories and practical practices and appropriate behavioral values and skill with an aptitude and sensitivity for the agriculture sector and rural development.


The aspirations of the College will be:

To impart education and training to young youth for taking up the responsibility for managing any organization and agro-based income generating and developing activity.

To offer training program for business professional, policy makers and entrepreneurs for improving decision making skill and administrative competence.

To undertake research projects on client specific problem and on general facing industries segment.

To create knowledge through research relevant to management discipline and to disseminate such knowledge through publication.

To participate and to contribute to the formulation of public policy related to agriculture.

To collaborate with other institutions/ colleges in the state and in the country to fulfill the above objectives.

To organize seminar/conferences/discussion at the national and international level to fulfill the cause of Agri-business.

The key approach to attain the objectives, 5 years programme is the instructional methodology and the evaluation system of both students and teachers. The instructional methodology practiced will be interactive, through discussion on real-life case studies of the agribusiness sector, and optimum use of audio-visual aids and computer by the in-house faculty as well as by the visiting faculty, comprising practicing managers from leading agribusiness firms.